Long-term EVS is not the only option - meet our volunteers from Italy!

Ergisa, Marta and Salvatore are volunteers who visited Varna just for the short-term EVS project and probably they enjoy their summer in Italy right now.


Luiza Karimova, our Russian sunshine who shares her skills and experience at the University of Economics - Varna.

Are you ready to find out something more about her experience in Bulgaria?


The Sport and the City vol. 2

Lively moments from an energetic sport event in Asparuchovo park in Varna

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Association 'FOR YOU' is a non-profit organization, registered under the Bulgarian law. Our aim is to provide support for people in disadvantage situation.

Our priorities:

We are an organization oriented towards the problems of socially disadvantaged people. We realize adequate practices and partnerships that aim to achieve effective results and to deal successfully with current problems. 

Association 'For You' is registered by Varna District Court on 06.07.2009 as a non-profit legal entity.
Entered the Central Register of Non-profit-making Legal Entities Sector as organization with socially useful activity under № 20090908004/08.09.2009.

Our understanding of human:

Each one of us wants to dream, to smile, to communicate freely, to feel significant. Imagine being deprived of the right to believe and dream and nobody wants to see your qualities and values. 
Disadvantaged people have equal rights as everyone else. They do not need pity,they need support. Our society is not yet ripe to understand their lives, their pain, their brief moments of joy and affirmation. 
 We strongly believe in the right of everyone to live fully, to improve and unfold their potential, to find their place in life. With joint efforts we can help people to live their lives with dignity and make their unique contribution to the world..Read all the information 

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